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SkyMedia 200(d) Linux 2.4.x-kernel drivers

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Rev. 3.0 last changed 06mar2002

Hi All!

There's couple of patches for SkyMedia-200/SkyMedia-200d drivers for Linux with 2.4.x kernels. Original drivers won't work  with 2.4.x kernels and Telemann won't release new version of it.

You'll need original drivers from Telemann. You can download it from Telemann site (sm200 v2.20 here and sm200d v2.20  here) or local (sm200 v2.20 here and sm200d v2.20 here).

First is for SkyMedia 200d. It's also known as IHUG-patch. As I know, IHUG is Australian/New Zealand satellite ISP. On their site you may find sm200 drivers only for old kernels (check it), but this one was wrote by Bryan Christianson ( ) and posted by Jefferey Borg ( ) in SkyMediaforUnixLikeOS Yahoo Group. Download patch from here. Author say that it works on RedHat Linux 6.2 with 2.4.1 kernel, also Jeffrey says that "it's working on 2.4.6 kernel for me".(It's one and only patch for now with positive ("It's work!") opinion from user).

Second is for SkyMedia 200. It's wrote by Oleg Drokin ( ) .You can download it from or from here. Now author can't test this driver (he's haven't device now). I try to test it, it compiles fine at 2.4.2 and 2.4.3 kernels, insmod sm200_lnx.o also was fine. But it fails when I attempt load firmware (./SkyLoad skymedia.bin). Maybe it from my hardware (VIA motherboard etc.), but I'm think it's not work at all. But you can test it and say me about results.

There is also another patch known as sultan's patch. It's also for sm200d and it's not patch :) but new version of last official drivers (v2.20) fixed for kernel 2.4.X by Ernst Sultanbekov aka Sultan ( ). Early it may be downloaded from but now there's no such page. You cad downloaded it from here. Many ppls says that driver hang machine...

And there is patch for logging SkyData errors to file. I don't know who write it.

Denis Zhdanov ( grusnyov AT west dot crimea dot com )

PS. Sorry for my ugly Endlish. Correct me please if some wrong....

PSS. And one more - I compare drivers for SkyMedia200, Skymedia200d & SkyMedia300. File of driver (sm200_drv.c) seems familar at all three... Maybe some patch will be work fine an all SkyMedia hardware?