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Эта же страничка на русском.

Sonicgames (R)
The Ultimate Chistian Electronic MP3 Artists List

v 1.00.0 (6th release. First public release)
Last update 12 june 2002, 134 artist in base.

List in HTML can be found here.
List was converted in HTML from spreadsheet format.
Sources can be found here: Excel GNUmeric KSpread

Sorry for links, it's in text format, copy it to Your browser.
I can't enought time to convert text links to HTML.

List was maded by compilation of the information of different sources (look sources). For some artists to establish that they christians rather difficultly.:) AlphaR7 approves, what in his list (CD on sources) are collected 100% Christian groups.
I have entered in the list only to whom the minimum two sources or one of them trusted (CD, NS or my own) refers:) Other are born to grey_zone.
I do not carry any responsibility for possible mistakes and discrepancies in list. If you have doubts, can glance in the information on the actor on (Artist info), <br> to go to his homepage or to write to him email.
In any case, you decide, that to you to listen and what do not.
God bless all of you!
PS: Sorry for my ugly English. :)

Copyleft 2002 by Denis "TruthSeeker" Zhdanov (denis AT evpatoria DOT com)
Please redistribute this list as far as possible but for free only and conserve this copyleft info
God bless all of you!